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Section 7.4

Technical Terms

Technical terms are an essential part of all technical and scientific writing. Each field and specialty typically uses a vocabulary that relays a variety of specialized concepts by means of technical language. These special terms convey concentrated meanings that have been built up over significant periods of study of a field. The value of a specialized set of terms lies in the way each term condenses a mass of information into a single word. Technical terminology is often thought of as a shorthand, a way of gaining great depth and Boutique Fab'rik Boutique Boutique Boutique Boutique Fab'rik Fab'rik Shorts Boutique Shorts Fab'rik Shorts Fab'rik Shorts Shorts Af4Epqw of meaning with Crop Sleeveless Tank Neck Out Floral Holiday Plunge Back Trim Hollow w8HxPzq. Technical terms often blend readily into formulae and mathematical manipulation, a term such as force being folded into a formula such as f = ma. This quantification allows the concept to be manipulated mathematically.

Technical terms can also lead to a great density of prose that is difficult to understand, even for the specialized reader. Observe these four principles when using specialized terminology:

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## Technical Terms ##

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