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Wednesday Sep 05 2018

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ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Wednesday revised profit rates of National Savings Schemes by 0.72 percent to 0.96 percent, according to a press statement issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings.

The rate for Behbood Savings Certificates, Pensioner Benefit Accounts, and Shuhada Family Welfare Accounts were all increased from 10.20 percent to 10.92 percent, a net increase of 0.72 percent.

The Defence Savings Certificates that were valued at a return of 8.30 percent have now been revalued upwards by 0.75 percent, to 9.05 percent. The Special Savings Certificate (Registered)/ Accounts have seen an upward movement of 0.77 percent, from 7.10 percent to 7.87 percent.

Press statement issued by Central Directorate of National Savings.

Casual Casual Boutique Boutique Skirt The Regular Income Certificates will now give a rate of 8.784 percent compared to previous 8.04 percent, with an improvement of 0.744 percent. The Savings Account will now provide one percent higher profit rate, revalued to 6.00 percent from 5.00 percent.

Short Term Savings Certificates will now give 0.96 percent more. The 3-month certificate has been improved from 6.40 percent to 7.36 percent; 6-month certificate from 6.46 to 7.42 percent and the 12-month certificate from 6.56 percent to 7.52 percent.

The new rates will be in effect from September 1, the statement said.

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